Step 1: Packages - Get started

Everyone need is different, so there’s a variety of packages for accounting businesses - pick the one that suits you the best or ask for our help to choose.

Step 2: Simple registration

Once you picked the best, a clear and intuitive registration helps you set up your account to make the most of it.

Step 3: Client filtering

Filter the clients you’d like to grow with - it helps you avoid useless client meetings and flourish the business in the waythat’s the best for you.

Step 4: Profile - Emphasize your strengths

Highlighting expertise in each industry and providing a more personal introduction allows everyone to stand out from the crowd and convince potential clients not with low prices, but other important factors.

Step 5: Real data-based pricing guide

A dynamic pricing structure guide makes sure you can position your business and prices as you deserve and wish to.

Step 6: Sharable profile as a marketing asset

Show all the faces of your business and use your profile as a compact marketing interface and share it anywhere.

Step 7: Reviews and testimonials

Newcomers don’t have any disadvantages due to that they came later - everyone can bring their testimonials from previous clients; and the future ones will be able to make sure you’re trustworthy and professional.

Step 8: Dashboard

The dashboard is simple and covers for all the important actions you might want to take, plus it reminds you of requests for proposal and gives you hints on profile improvement for attracting more clients.

Step 9: Requests for proposal

Requests for proposal are organized logically and easy to handle, just make sure you reply them.

Step 10: Monthly summary - Nice job!

Gain more experience and new clients, bring new testimonials and keep on growing!
We summarize your growth monthly to motivate you to go further.