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Ágnes Zelei

Bookkeepie is definitely a response for an unsolved need. As a fresh entreprenour, one of the most crucial questions was where to find  a reliable accountant with references.
At Bookkeepie I could search quickly and easily in their big database.

Kneifelné Sz. Mária
Pro-Help Kft.

I spoke to more people from Bookkeepie. I can honestly tell that they are prepared, friendly and helpful people. Their problemsolving skills are excellent.
The site is a helping hand for businesses to find the most appropriate accountant for their custom needs. On the other hand, the site is also a great help for accountants to find new clients.

Kovács Magdolna
Többszörös Kft.

The pandemic wasn't gentle with our business neither. During these hard times we tried more ways to get new clients. Fortunately we found Bookkeepie.
Since we signed up we got plenty of new requests for proposal and we already have 3 new clients. We really recommend it.

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I’m not sure which plan is the best for me. Can you help me with that?
I have used marketing and sales channels but it didn’t worth the investment. How is it different?
I’m a beginner accountant and I don’t have a lot of experience yet. Is it for me?
I have expertise in a certain field but I want to change the niché I work for - in which I don’t have a lot of experience yet. Is it for me ?
I don’t have a lot of clients yet. How can I get started?
I have a lot of clients, I just need different ones. What’s the solution?
My accounting business is quite special and I target only a small niché. Is it worth for me to sign up here?
I don’t want to go lower in price to compete with rivals gain new clients. What’s the solution?

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