Meet Bookkeepie in action

Curious about the steps of our search (= answer a few questions in order for us to find your best matching accountant), or registration flow (= register your profile as an accountant)? Let the cat out of the bag: let us give you a tour - see for yourself our jargon-free, user-friendly interface in action!

Step 1: Start searching

Businessses which look for an accountant start their journey by a search flow which is easy and progressive, yet covers for all the important and special aspects.

Step 2: Preferences make up the matchscore

Due to the questions about preferences and the specialty of the case, the matchscore is customized for each journey, behaving as a reliable guide to choose the best option.

Step 3: Results and shorting

The results are shown in a clear and familiar way, only revealing the most important points at this phase.

Step 4: Results - Table view

A table view option provides simple comparison for the results.

Step 5: Results - Requests for proposal

Requests for proposal are simple and your first sent message is saved for further accountants to be chosen later on, so there’s no extra work for anyone. A minimum of 4-5 requests for proposal is advised to make sure the perfect match is in.

Step 6: Results - Requests for proposal Interface

Later on it’s possible to open the search link from e-mail so you can go on with browsing later on too if you can’t finish for the first time.

Step 7: Feedback and further help

We always ask for your feedback to suit the search flow for real needs - and we’re always here to help if we can do something else for you.