What is Bookkeepie?

Bookkeepie is a platform that connects accountants, payroll specialists, tax advisors, and auditors with businesses seeking their services easily, quickly, and efficiently.

You're looking for a service provider, but you're not sure what criteria you should use to select the one you really need? You've received offers, but you don't know how to compare them? We'll help you!

You're a service provider, and you want to attract more clients or perhaps update your existing client base? You know exactly what kind of clients you want, but you're not sure how to reach them effectively? Register with us, and we'll help you!

Introducing our team

Dia Turay

Co-Founder, CFO

András Vizsy

Co-Founder, CEO

Rita Galambos


Andrea Környei

Sales & Customer Support

Marcell Fekete

UI Design & Webflow developer

Mariann Szabó


Olivér Tasnádi

International business development

Kitti Takács

UX Research & Design

Our journey


It was difficult for us to find the right accountant.


We won the Magenta Kraft (HU) award.

Din 2022

Reaching the next milestones alongside you.


We are a team of four people working tirelessly to launch the Bookkeepie platform.


We have reached the first 100 registered service providers.


Reaching the next milestone with you

We are...


We are real people designing a platform for real users. We always keep this in mind and provide a familiar platform - more like a helpful friend than a rigid digital tool.


We are innovative because we offer simple solutions to a difficult everyday problem. We consider all the possibilities of the rapidly changing digital environment to simplify and cover all needs, from AI to UX and much more.


We feel responsible towards each other as colleagues and towards our users. We strive to understand and assist you during challenges and ensure we always have time for a coffee when someone needs to talk to us.

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