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We connect accountants, payroll administrators, tax advisers and auditors with business owners looking for their services.

Where you can not only set up and customise your profile, which can be shared with search engines, but also set up the characteristics of your desired customer base. So you can really get the clients you want, for the fees you want.

Who is it recommended for?

For accountanting and payroll professionals, tax advisors who are looking to acquire new clients and...

don't want to waste time unnecessarily

We undertake to talk to all interested parties in advance, to make sure everyone is serious and to agree on the price range in advance. This way, there is no need to prepare unnecessary quotes nor to negotiate with anyone.

know what kind of customers they (don't) want

We will only link you to customers who meet the criteria you specify.

like simple but effective things

After a short registration process - which our colleague will help you with, if required - there is no need to do anything else, no more systems or new websites to deal with.


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We offer a free consultation if you are not sure which package is right for you.

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Kapcsolat felvétele

You should choose us because...

Quick and easy registration tailored to your needs

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Where you can not only set and customise the profile that appears to search engines, but also set the characteristics of the clientele you want to target. So you can really get the clients you want, for the fee you want.

Client reviews - the basis of trust

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Reviews from your current customers increase the confidence of your new customers. Reviews can be based on a set of criteria and can be numerical, but we also collect more personal, text-based reviews - the best way to reassure customers that their business is in good hands with you.

Aesthetically pleasing, customisable profile

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Present yourself to accountant seekers with a sophisticated, customisable profile where you can show what kind of accountant you are, boast about your achievements and have the opportunity to attract the attention of prospective clients with a short introduction. This also gives people looking for a service provider the opportunity to choose a professional based not only on price, but on the whole picture.